Dr. Zhitong Xiong (Technical Staff,
Benchmark Datasets)

My name is ZhitongXiong. I received my B.E. degree in Software Engineering, M.S. degree in Computer Science and Technology, and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Technology from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China. Currently, I am a Postdoc working on geometry-aware remote sensing scene understanding at the department of Data Science in Earth observation, Technical University of Munich.

Geometric and semantic information about cities can be used for urban planning and disaster monitoring, which closely relate to the lives of residents living in cities. Aiming at the automatical perception of semantic and 3D information from image data, my research interests broadly lie in computer vision, deep learning, and remote sensing image analysis.

More specifically, I have research experience in many computer vision tasks, such as object detection, semantic segmentation, scene recognition, and multi-modal feature learning. Currently, I am also working on label-efficient learning to reduce the annotation efforts for training large-scale deep neural networks. Furthermore, I have extensive hands-on experience in deep learning frameworks, intelligent transportation systems, and remote sensing image analysis. For remote sensing tasks, I mainly focus on the automatic understanding of 3D cities using deep learning technologies.

Since I have both a research background in computer vision and remote sensing, I hope I can better combine these two communities to promote a variety of practical applications such as autonomous driving, smart cities, disaster forecasting, and so forth.