Konrad Heidler (PhD Student,

Hi everybody, my name is Konrad Heidler. I’m a PhD student at the chair for Data Science in Earth observation at TU Munich. I am interested in applying deep learning and computer vision for the remote sensing of phenomena in polar regions. Some examples for the things I try to capture with my algorithms are glaciers, permafrost, or sea ice.

As part of the ML4Earth project, I am exploring reasoning mehods for tracking the developments in permafrost areas. As Arctic permafrost is one of the earth systems most affected by global climate change, we need to closely monitor these areas in order to detect trends and possible feedback loops. The goal of the project is to incorporate both spatial and temporal cues in algorithms for detecting permafrost disturbances, as these are generally hard to detect without such cues.

Before joining the lab, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at TUM in 2017 and a Master’s degree in Mathematics in Data Science in 2020. Driven by the desire to apply my skills to real-world problems, I decided to do my research in the field of remote sensing.