Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bamber
(University of Bristol)

I am a professor of glaciology and Earth Observation at the University of Bristol and the Technical University Munich and Director of the Bristol Glaciology Centre and own a degree in physics and a PhD in geophysics. I specialise in the analysis of airborne & satellite data sets from the polar regions, and in combining these data with models of the Earth system. I have been focusing my research on the ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland and their contribution to sea level and published extensively in the general field of geodesy, sea level variations in time and space and measuring mass exchange between the land and oceans due to melting of land ice and the hydrological cycle.
Recently I became interested in capturing the uncertainties in projections of future climate change and associated impacts, especially related to sea level rise. This is particularly challenging because of limited understanding of key physical processes and a short observational record. It is, however, time-critical information needed by policy makers now and consequently requires novel and imaginative approaches to make progress.