Dr. Ingmar Nitze (Alfred Wegener Institute)

Hi, I am a PostDoctoral reasearcher in the Permafrost Research Sectio at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. I have a background in Geography and Remote Sensing with a strong focus on technical applications. I obtained a BSc in Physical Geopgraphy, MSc in Geoinformation and Visualization. After two years as a research assistant in Ireland I started a PhD at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, which I finished in 2018. Since then I worked as a PostDoc in various national and international collaborative research projects.
My primary focus in on quantifying, understanding and prediticing rapid landscape dynamics and disturbances, particularly in terrestrial arctic environments. For this purpose I am applying machine- and deep-learning techniques on spatial and earth observation data of various spatial and temporal scales. I am extremely keen on using latest technology to tackle environmental- and data analysis related challenges.